Do your carpets always seem dirty? Here are 3 methods to keep it clean!

You put a lot of work into keeping your carpet clean but sustaining this effort over long periods of time can prove to be too much. Every carpet is a victim of dirty feet, horrible spills & dust, allergens etc.. that keep the home dirty.

You may think it’s sufficient to go a year between cleanings, and that the consequences of this will not be too bad. As we’ve seen time and time again, this is not the case. Your family’s health relies on a clean carpet, among other things of course.

Although there are a lot of methods that you can use to keep your carpet clean including hiring a professional carpet cleaner, these methods listed below are some of the best and the most effective.

1. Vacuum Vacuum Vacuum.

At a minimum of two times per week, you should be using a vacuum to cover the high traffic areas. These include near the front door and foyer, the pathways to all rooms.

2. Remove Shoes Before Entering.

This isn’t just a custom in Japan anymore. If you saw the filth your shoes bring in by viewing emptying of our dirty water tanks after we’ve professionally cleaned your carpets, you’d be disgusted. Do you want your children playing on a wet Manhattan subway platform? No. Then don’t treat your living room like it is one.

3. Get a Professional to Clean Your Carpets, Couches and Tile Every 3 Months.

You’ll literally feel the freshness after we’ve packed up and left your home. What’s more, we’ll work out special pricing if you put us on retainer as some home owners have started to do. Call us to get started.