Tile And Grout Cleaning in New Jersey and South Florida

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When we clean tile flooring, it may appear as though we are using the same apparatus as when we clean your carpets. The Rotovac 360i has removable cleaning heads. We’ve got 2 different cleaning heads specifically for tile cleaning, depending on the brush grit your particular flooring requires. The Brush Head scrubs, rinses and extracts simultaneously leaving the floor clean and dry. Nearly all of the water is recovered through the unique air sealed brush design. 3 spray jets flush and rinse the bristles which virtually eliminates residue left behind by other methods, allowing us to clean faster and remove nearly all chemical residue.

*Please note, we do not clean marble floors.

WE GUARANTEE YOUR SATISFACTION – All of our tile cleaning and grout cleaning work is backed up by a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. If for any reason you are not happy with our service, we’ll do all we can to make it right!

STAIN AND ODOR REMOVAL EXPERTS – Our trained technicians come prepared with some of the best stain, spot and odor remediation products. There is a small extra charge for each removal area. We recommend you get the basic cleaning estimated first, and then let our tech give you an on-site inspection and stain/odor removal estimate once at your home.

Products We Use

Bio-Break is a preconditioning revolutionary formula for disolving grease and oil in a moment prepared for complete extraction. Be it Carpet, Upholstery, Tiles, Grouts, Mattresses, etc. With power of citrus, it leaves behind pleasant citrus fragrance which people love.

Viper Venom is utilized as a pre-treatment spray on tile cleaning and grout cleaning process to release and emulsify soils and stains. With its hard-hitting mix of chemical compounds, solvents, and surfactants, it is perfect for flame rebuilding tasks where overwhelming residue or soil is present. It is likewise powerful for general floor cleaning, divider/wall cleaning, and other hard surface cleaning and upkeep.

Tile And Grout Cleaning Process