While everyday maintenance may require little effort for linen furniture, what about when there are stains or spills requiring spot-cleaning?

Time is of the essence when cleaning natural fabrics. The best thing to do is begin by vacuuming the furniture. This can help eliminate dust, and it will likely help fade the stain as well.

Once you’ve vacuumed or dry brushed it, you can start blotting the stain. Use a light-colored cloth and be careful not to rub it. Most linen furniture will come clean simply using water and cloth. You might also use a gentle soap, although it’s a good idea to test this first as well. White vinegar may work for protein stains and is a good natural cleaning option.
Water marks are possible and probable when trying to flush out a stain on linen. If you must flush the substance out, it’s best to use distilled water because the mineral content is removed.

Be cautious before using a store-bought cleaner for your linen furniture, and again spot test it before using it on any highly visible or larger areas.

If you’re unsure of how to clean your linen upholstery you can contact Citrus A Peel.