Doug’s Cleaning Tip: #1

When you’ve got different types of stains all over your carpets, rugs and sofas, calling a professional steam cleaning company just makes sense.

But other times, you can take care of isolated stains without our help.

Blood is a common example. You’ll want to remove it right away if possible, when when it occurs. And the chemical that will produce impressive results with blood in particular might surprise you.

Step 1. Mix some clear ammonia with water 50/50 into a spray bottle and apply it right on the stain.

Step 2. It’s best to have a wet vac of course but if you don’t have one and the stain is not major, just try blotting the sprayed stain with a damp white rag.

Step 3. Lift the rag from the surface and see if it removed some of the blood. If it did, keep blotting with clean parts of the rag.

Step 4. If problems persist, call Citrus A Peel. 732-268-0258 in central jersey and 862-684-6844 in north jersey.