Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services in New Jersey and South Florida

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The appearance & general level of cleanliness inside your office is important and mustn’t be overlooked. Citrus A Peel Cleaning’s professional janitorial services safeguard your businesss reputation. Our attention to detail leaves nothing untouched.

We know that running a business takes a lot of effort, but dirty office carpets should not be a distraction.  As one of the top-rated commercial carpet cleaning services in New Jersey, Citrus A Peel proudly provides all-encompassing, natural commercial carpet cleaning for businesses throughout the Garden State.

Our teams are at the ready to take on the toughest corporate carpet stains and large office rugs.  Our deep cleaning process makes for the perfect cleaning solution and your carpets will be dry before you know it.

WE GUARANTEE YOUR SATISFACTION – All of our Commercial Carpet cleaning work is backed up by a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. If for any reason you are not happy with our service, we’ll do all we can to make it right!

STAIN AND ODOR REMOVAL EXPERTS – Our trained technicians come prepared with some of the best stain, spot and odor remediation products. There is a small extra charge for each removal area. We recommend you get the basic cleaning estimated first, and then let our tech give you an on-site inspection and stain/odor removal estimate once at your home.

Our Cleaning Specifications

Kitchen / Break Area Cleaning Specifications.

We provide thorough janitorial services for your corporate kitchen area and break rooms resulting in a consistently clean and sanitory eating area.

Custom Bid Required?

Many of our customers have specialized requirements which we are pleased to accommodate on either a regular or “spot” basis. Some of those services include:

What We Cover!


Citrus A Peel Cleaning’s professional restaurant cleaning services takes care of all aspects of the restaurant – dining areas, kitchen, serving stations, hostess station, restrooms and more!

The moment a customer walks through the doors, we ensure your restaurant welcomes them with a clean environment. Our attention to detail in your dining area leaves nothing untouched – floors, tabletops, chairs, bar, booths, menus. Restaurant kitchens require unique experience and professional janitorial services to keep the back of the house clean and running smoothly. We custom design a kitchen cleaning program to fit the individual needs of each client.

Citrus A Peel Cleaning places extra care in cleanliness of restaurant restrooms. We thoroughly clean stalls, countertops, faucets, light switches and door handles. We also can provide restocking services. Our focus on the details ensures your patrons return again and again!

Medical / Dental Offices

Healthcare facilities have special needs for cleanliness. Citrus A Peel Cleaning are capable of handling biological material disposal, special cleanliness requirements, and areas that require unique attention. We have specially trained teams for medical suites, dental offices and surgical centers, focusing on daily disinfecting of exam room floors, tables, sinks and patient restrooms in addition to leaving reception areas spotless.

Citrus A Peel Cleaning follows all regulations established by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administrator) for mitigating the spread of disease. We pay special attention to mops, cleaning cloths, and buckets. these items are to be cleaned every day, and sometimes after each use. Most medical facilities are cleaned using microfiber cleaning cloths and flat mops, as there is less chance of cross-contamination.

Production / Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing and industrial facilities are a mix of many types of areas, such as offices, cafeterias, labs, childcare, loading docks, storage, equipment rooms and restrooms – in addition to the manufacturing or assembly areas. Citrus A Peel Cleaning takes care of entire facility by modifying our cleaning approach specific to each area to maintain cleanliness standards. Some areas require a lot of regular cleaning, and others do not. We will work with you to develop a plan for each aspect of your business, front and back of house.

Citrus A Peel Cleaning has extensive experience working with and around production staff and equipment, and can provide janitorial and maintenance crews for any shifts. Whether you need regular and routine schedules, or to gear up for a particular event or season, we are there to help ensure your facility running at peak efficiency.

Schools / DayCares

Whether a daycare. K-12 or higher education facility, students can be hard on a facility. Citrus A Peel Cleaning understands the unique cleaning requirements for all education facilities. Our Janitorial expertise covers classrooms, conference rooms, gymnasium, locker rooms, administrative offices and libraries. Daycare centers require special cleaning services for toys, play mats and diaper changing stations.

In addition to general cleaning, Citrus A Peel Cleaning focuses attention on stopping the spread of germs and illnesses. We disinfect bathrooms, light switches, doorknobs and scrub floors, all without using harsh chemicals whenever possible. In the case of larger education facilities, we can also provide day porters to ensure those areas that are most heavily used remain clean and sanitary and supplies well stocked.

Banks / Financial Institutions

Citrus A Peel Cleaning provides janitorial services to banks and credit unions throughout the Bay Area. We understand the importance of clean and professional looking establishment. We offer flexible scheduling to work around your specific hours of operation.

We know appearance matters and we care about the image of your facility. Our customer janitorial services for financial institutions include teller areas, lobby and private offices, ATM vestibules, vaults, private rooms, client seating areas and staff break areas.


Gyms and fitness centers require special, daily cleaning to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. High contact touch points – such as weights and fitness equipment – can foster the growth of illness-causing germs. Citrus A Peel Cleaning provides professional janitorial solutions to keep your members healthy. We provide consistent cleaning and disinfecting of commonly touched surfaces and surfaces that come into contact with people’s bare skin and sweat each day. We disinfect all equipment, mirrors and common areas, including water stations. Locker room floors, shower stalls and restrooms recieve the highest level of attention because we know that cleanliness is a consideration for your members to renew each month.